Healthy soils are loaded with beneficial microorganisms that improve and maintain soil structure, moisture and plant available nutrients. The Soil Food Web Lab service assess the populations and diversity of organisms in your soil. Cost is $165 per sample. These tests can give you an accurate overview of your soil health, which leads you to create a biological management plan for your land guiding you to optimal soil fertility. Our nutrient analysis adds the knowledge required to improve your soil health, long term. This service is provided by a NATA registered Lab. Cost starts at $188. Please contact us to discuss how this process works for you.

Step 2- is about creating liquids that are made from a mixture of our Supercharged Active Biological Liquid and your local beneficial biology! This eventually will be produced free of cost on your property!

Step 3- We assist you to adopt land management techniques and develop a biological plan to ensure all the biology survive to feed your plants for years to come. This provides a constant supply of plant available nutrients in balance and suppresses weed growth. Adding organic matter will always be of benefit, aged compost is the best!

Step 4- Start doing more of your own research! Reading fantastic well reviewed books will give you the knowledge base to make better decisions! One of the best on this subject, Teaming With Microbes by Jeff Lowenfels and Wayne Lewis. Another wonderful book is Mycorrhizal Planet by Michael Phillips. We have many references and research material to biological management we can supply for your own research, so Contact us any time. Enjoy your journey!