You need to know, because both have a huge impact on your local rain fall, climate and planet earth!

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Do you need to build Healthy Living Soil?

Did you know the coloured liquid (Leachate) draining out of any worm farm has no beneficial organisms in it to protect and feed your plants!

Contact us to get started by learning how to make Biological Active Liquid from worm castings and or compost.

 Well structured living soil allows the micro-organisms to supply your plants all the nutrients and resilience they need to thrive! To get from dirt to living soil takes a 3 step approach.

1: We identify which micro-organisms are lacking in your dirt.

2: Then we boost their numbers using our Supercharged Biological Active Liquid (BAL) & blend beneficial organisms from your land to start the journey back to healthy living soil.

3: You adopt soil management techniques to ensure all the biology survive to feed your plants for years to come. This provides a constant supply of plant available nutrients in balance and suppresses weed growth. Adding organic matter will always be of benefit, aged mulch is the best.

The last part of stage 3 is the most important. We need to restore the water cycle in your soil. This is the best way to store stable soil carbon.                          Fertility starts with hydration!

We provide

Biological Soil Services and Holistic Land Assessments

  We help you develop a biological plan to improve your land for years to come.

You have all the nutrients you need in your soil. Let us show you how to unlock this free resource!

Contact us now to find out how easy it is to get started.

 We help you build this natural nutrient bank in your soil for long term profitability! Composting is a big part of your future, there are different methods and we find one that suits you.

We are dedicated to helping you build your property to it’s ultimate potential. Your local soil biology in balance greatly reduces the need for synthetic inputs, which all kill those beneficial micro-organisms! e.g. fertilisers, herbicides, pesticides & fungicides.

Beneficial micro-organisms build carbon in your soil which increases plant available nutrients! Our holistic approach offers site specific solutions for your property and we are guided by our qualifications in-

Holistic Management, Soil Food Web Ecology, Turf Greenkeeping, Permaculture, Nutrition Farming and Small Business Management while incorporating the learned principals of Keyline design, Natural Sequence Farming, Mixed Native plantations and natural animal care. With over 30 years of creative design experience, our holistic approach offers productive low maintenance systems to your land while decreasing your costs. Contact us now to discuss a biological plan specifically designed for your property and what you want to grow!

Weeds and pests are kept under control with the right balance of biology in your soil. Let us show you how

Polyculture systems work because they are simple to implement, minimise maintenance, mimic nature and save you money!

All of this cultivates healthy people, plants & animals

“Carbon storage in the soil must be our generations ultimate goal”

Below are some testimonials –

“Together we designed how we could maximize our space
while creating easy access and reduce maintenance on our 7
acres. We were given a master plan which gave us a clear
path of where to start. All plants were sourced for us and we
were given detailed instructions on how to efficiently care for
our trees.
We are now enjoying our first harvest of exotic and native
fruits. The Polyculture team work with passion to get the huge
tasks done effortlessly. They are our first call when it comes to
creating a real working property.” Don & Ruth. Willowvale

“Scott & Haidee bring passion, commitment and a wealth of knowledge and ideas to every project. Encompassing holistic management, planned grazing systems, environmental water efficiency & holistic farming practises.  They are an invaluable resource and we recommend them to anyone aspiring to improve their property in line with a holistic approach and increase their own knowledge”          Michelle. Diamond Valley

‘Our very survival depends on our ability to stay alert, to adjust to new ideas, to remain vigilant and to face the challenge of change’ –Martin Luther King Jr.

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