Energy efficiency starts with how much effort you have to put in to maintenance and harvesting from your property. An example would be placing a kitchen garden on the other side of the house from the kitchen, not very efficient! Cutting roadways into the side of hills means you will always have water flow and landslide issues. Using the natural contours reduces road maintenance and your energy requirements! The simple placement of infrastructure can change how you effectively use your energy, giving you a far better quality of life.

Hot water options that alleviate the angle issue by good design are available at great prices with long warranty. Evacuated tube technology is by far the most efficient and cost effective hot water option available today. There is no drain on your solar electricity and you can retrofit these into your existing hot water system for massive savings. Your sure to find a local supplier!


Imagine diverting some of the steam from the hot water into a turbine that is connected to an alternator?

Energy efficiency in the design and use of work, living and building spaces is imperative. Buildings need to be orientated to the sun to maximise free solar energy. Correct building orientation will also make heating and cooling much more effective and less costly by utilising seasonal wind, rain and sun angles to your advantage.

This design is a great start to maximising the sun’s energy no matter where you live on the planet.

In the southern hemisphere, optimal position for the solar panels is to face true north, which is 11 degrees west of magnetic north.

Solar power panels should be at an approximate incline of 28 degrees. Of course the further away from the sun you travel the incline must increase. This maximises the shorter days of winter & lower angle of the sun.

Biogas Production is an emerging source of power, heat, cooking gas and organic fertiliser as a bi-product. A tonne of food waste can produce about 300 kilowatt hours of energy.

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