Learn the benefits of:

Planned grazing
Why Winter nutrition is really important!
Biology vs chemicals
Pasture improvements

Scott Robinson, is here to guide you through Holistic planned grazing.
The customised plan will develop to suit your land, aligned with your holistic goals which must be developed first. During this process you will come to understand the benefits of:

  • The importance of Holistic goals:
    Quality of Life – Forms of Production – Future Resource Base
  • Why getting your livestock to the right place at the right time and for the right reasons with the right behaviour is good for social, environmental and financial outcomes.
  • You will learn how to plan your grazing for healthy animals and increased profits from meat, milk, or fibre.
  • How to maximize your stocking rate
  • How to utilize the “tools” of grazing and animal impact to create the future landscape described in your holistic goals
  • Focus on your soil to improve ground cover while increasing quality of forage all year round while keeping animals healthy and pest and decease resistant.
  • How to maintain animal health through winter and into spring when pests become an issue. Healthy animals eating nutritious forage build resistance to pests and disease. Synthetic chemicals are no more than a costly band aid, and when excess is defecated onto the soil, that kills the micro-organisms that keep your forage and animals healthy! Only use in extreme circumstances and isolate animals in a holding yard until excess chemicals have passed through their system.
  • Improving your pastures can be achieved by the natural method using your grazing plan to slowly change soil conditions so grass seeds in your soil will germinate. And or, you can select cost effective mixed seeds that provide both winter and summer nutrition. If planned to co-inside with rainfall, this method can have same season beneficial results. Diversity is the key to create the right soil conditions for the old seeds in your soil to germinate, which will add more diversity and all year-round nutrition to your animals. No more buying feed!
  • How to plan for, and survive a drought with minimal financial losses.
  • How to integrate all other activities on the property with the grazing plan to avoid stress, surprises, and to lower your costs.
  • And how to integrate your plans to avoid high capital expenditures.

Please pace yourself and always ask questions when in doubt. We are available by email, zoom or phone any time you need!

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