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Worm Farm is normally open:

Wednesday, Thursday & Friday 1.00pm to 4.00pm
Saturdays, 9.00am to 1.00pm
Closed on public holidays and if we are working away from our farm.

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Please contact us to check what product you require is available at the farm gate or through our online store,

There is no better way to add carbon to your soil than using our customised Biological Active Liquid (BAL) or castings which are loaded with hundreds of millions of living beneficial microbes plus over 70 mineral nutrients and trace elements. There is also soluble humates which are good beneficial fungi promotants and all the other treasures they bring. Plus more beneficial organisms like Bacillus, Trichoderma and Mycorrhizal. There are elements in our BAL that act as natural pesticides & fungicides, keeping your plants resilient to major attacks.

There is no other plant food like it! The more you get into the soil, the more carbon is stored, the healthier your plants!

There is nothing as good as living active microbes for your plants and soil!

Adding castings to kick start soil biology and then a steady supply of BAL to the plants will reduce your inputs over the long term, saving you money. Castings also help hold moisture around the plants root zone!
Plants need a steady flow of nutrients from bud set to last harvest.

Foliar spray (leaf spraying using pressure) is an excellent supply path when sprayed in the correct leaf temperature range. Just after the sun has gone off the leaf is ideal, or call us to discuss.

Our BAL has been filtered ready for any fertigation or spray nozzle applications.

What and how we feed our worms and microbes play’s a big part in the amazing benefits our supercharged BAL and castings offer plants & soil. This is a very potent biological active fertiliser.

For soil & plant application only
Not for human or animal consumption
Keep out of reach of children

We help our worms create the ultimate plant and soil food in the form of BAL concentrate and castings. Healthy plants need consistent supply of active biology that delivers all trace elements to feed them and help keep you healthy!

Please contact us to order worms before arriving at the farm!

(Live worms only available picked up from farm or local delivery)

We use re-purposed containers. Please exchange clean empty containers for reuse when ever possible.


 There is no other biological plant food available like BAL!


Made in Australia from 100% organic and environmentally safe materials

Recommended use of BAL:

THE ULTIMATE ORGANIC PLANT FERTILISER is what we help our worms create in the form of Supercharged Biological Active Liquid concentrate. This is made from the castings in our worm farm through a process called extraction. Plants need a consistent supply of active biology to stay healthy and replenish the soil.

Recommended use of Supercharged Biological Active Liquid (BAL): Frequency is dependent on plant life cycle, example: first buds to last harvest!

Do not apply to dry soil or in full sunlight. Spraying the leaf is most efficient. First application, 50ml of BAL in 1 litre of water.

(We recommend rain water*)

Second application, 10 to 20 days later, 30ml of BAL in 1 litre water

Continued applications, at 10-to-20-day intervals, 20ml of BAL in 1 litre water

1 litre of BAL to 20 litres water will cover 500 m2. (20ml to 1 litre mix)

rain water* City tap water has Chlorine added to sanitize and kill all bacteria-microbes. Which can include the microbes in your BAL!

Maintenance: Leave lid off BAL container for fresh air. Shake for 10 seconds each day to invigorate microbes. Store in a cool place away from sunlight.

Use all BAL within 20 days!

Recommended use of Worm Castings:

1 x handful (1/3 metric cup) of castings in the bottom of the hole for seedlings. Place plant roots on top of castings, firm up soil around plant, water in with juice mix.

3 x handful to 1 kilogram of seed raising mix, thoroughly mix together.

1 kilogram castings to 20 kilograms garden soil, thoroughly mix together.

From these castings we can show you how to easily make your own BAL (Biologically Active Liquid). 5 litres of castings will make 25 litres of BAL concentrate which can be sprayed out onto 2.5 hectares. Further applications can be halved. The micro-organisms in these castings will last months. Buying castings is very economical as you only need to make enough BAL for each application! Use concentrate in as much water as required.

Maintenance: Keep in bucket with loose lid for fresh air. Store in a cool place away from sunlight.