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What we do for you:

Supply Supercharged juice concentrate & castings for any growth improvement application of plants and to improve soil quality

Provide composting worms for your home & farm composting facilities

Design and build worm composting stations to suit your needs and budget.

You can download this free document about caring for your own worm farm. Worm Farming

Our juice and castings are loaded with billions of beneficial microbes, over 70 mineral nutrients and trace elements. Soluble humates which are a good beneficial fungi promotant and all the other treasures it brings. Plus beneficial fungi including, Bacillus, Trichoderma and Mycorrhizal.

What and how we feed our worms play's a big part in the amazing benefits to plants our supercharged juice and castings offer. Long term healthy plants need reliable active soil biology!

Adding castings to kick start that soil biology and then a steady supply of juice to the plants will reduce your inputs over the long term, saving you money. Castings also helps hold moisture where around the plants root zone!

Worm Juice: Keep your juice with access to oxygen, there are living beneficial microbes in there! Shaking the container once a day is a good thing. Like the castings, this is a nutrient rich organic concentrate. This can be watered down (from 15ml to 50ml juice to 1 litre of water) to add to soil or sprayed on the leaves of any plants for an instant nutrient boost. Foliar sprays(on the leaf) must be applied within the correct leaf temperature range. As you continue applications, the quantity of juice can be decreased to a maintenance level of 15ml to the litre. Keep spraying on the leaf from bud set to last harvest for resilient plants, maximum nutrition and the best tasting fruit or leaf. 

Before applying first application (50ml), you may need to open up compacted soil by ripping on contour, oxygen plays a key role in soil fertility. Then add 50ml to the litre, this will really kick start the biology in your soil. Broad acre application rates can follow the same regime as above. If your boom spray is a 500 litre unit and you normally apply 500 litres of mix per hectare, then we recommend the following. Add 25 litres of juice for 50ml application. Add 7.5 litres of juice for 15ml application.  Please remember, plants need a steady flow of nutrients from bud set to end of fruit harvest. We recommend once every 15 to 20 days for folia spray.

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Worm Castings: Keep your castings with access to oxygen, there are living beneficial bacteria in there! This is an amazing nutrient rich organic solution to add to your garden soil, your paddocks and for trees. When planting seedlings, make your hole and add the equivalent of 3 tea spoons in the bottom of the hole, water in the hole and place your plant on top, gently press soil in around the plant, moisten soil with just enough water. Never over water plants! When buds start to show follow the juice program above to maximise healthy growth. You can continue to add castings to your soil as all plants need a steady supply of nutrients while setting flower and fruit to stay healthy and fight off pests! If you are growing leafy greens, harvest by cutting the stalk at the ground level, make another small hole right next to the old plant and repeat the process above. The new seedling will suck all the nutrients out of the old roots along with using the new nutrients from the castings! 

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""Thank you so much. We could not believe that an area so lifeless of growth could become so green, beautiful and feed us! Fantastic"

- R & L Clark Glenview Qld -