In the meantime, we accept card payments over the phone and at the farm gate or cash. You can also request our bank details for EFT.

What we supply from the farm gate: Prices include GST.

Local delivery available: $9.90 per delivery

(Burpengary to Cooroy, please call to discuss appropriate delivery time)

Supercharged Probiotic Active Worm Juice - $5 / Litre

Supercharged Probiotic Active Worm Castings - $25 / 10 Litre bucket

Pastures or crops sprayed by us with our worm juice $165 /Hectare.      (4WD access required and on site water)

Composting worms - $44 for 1000 worms in a bucket.

Worm Supplement worm feed (Customised to keep worms healthy)           $11 per bag, should last 12 months+ for average size home worm farm

Sea Minerals+ - $16 / Litre (Add to water to maintain any animals health)

On site installation of rain tanks and irrigation systems - Quotes available

Linseed Heat Packs - Neck or Back pack - $55

(see Linseed Packs page for more details)


Consultation Fees


Evaluation on site consultation

$330 includes

One on one walk through of land asset assessment

Identification of existing natural resources

Initial Fauna & flora recommendations

Polyculture Resource Kit

Extensive on site consultation

$660 includes:

One on one walk through of land asset assessment

Identification of existing natural resources

Initial Fauna & flora recommendations

Multiple soil tests (ph, moisture & compaction)

First draft property design sketch

Polyculture Resource Kit

Holistic on site consultation

$1,320 includes:

One on one walk through of land asset assessment

Identification of existing natural resources

Initial Fauna & flora recommendations

Multiple soil tests (ph, moisture & compaction)

First draft property design sketch

Computer model property design with written description

Polyculture Resource Kit

Follow up meeting to discuss property plan


Please don't think you can't afford to do this. You might just find "you can't afford not to!"

If you are short on funds for whatever reason, we can discuss "mutual credit" and we do hope there will be something you can do or supply to us in return!

We are just a phone call or email away and always happy to discuss your issues.

Let us take you through a complete cost analysis, the "Holistic way"

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Services include: 

Onsite Consultation

 Extensive on site consultation take’s a few hours of one on one walk through of your land with Scott Robinson. During this time we will identify existing natural resources and formulate fauna & flora recommendations based on your needs and what your land offers.
The Polyculture team will take photo’s for future planning while undertaking multiple soil tests. Sketching the ideas discussed, we transform your vision into a practical plan that offers you flexibility into the future while offering friendly professional advice.

Professionally designed Property Plans that are simple to follow easy to implement and as flexible as you need it to be.

Pest and Weed management plans that ease the burden on your budget and gives your growing systems long term viability without any side effects on the health of your soil and your family

Intro to Holistic Land Management

revolves around decision making, goal setting, land planning, environmental monitoring and plant management


is a ecological design system emphasizing patterns in landscape, function and species assemblies

Sustainable agriculture

is ecological farming enhancing the relationships between organisms and their environment

Keyline Farming

Is a topographic based technique for maximising beneficial use of water storage and flow on individual properties.

Productive food systems

for unit balconies, suburban backyards, acreage properties, it all starts with humus!

Building Fertile Soil

If you need to get started from scratch to rebuild life in your soil, you can't go wrong with our Supercharged juice concentrate or castings

Food forests offer abundant food, shelter, mulch, increased soil moisture and fertility

Water management and harvesting which includes land regeneration and re-hydration

Benefit from water management & harvesting

full swale           small dam

Contour swales prevent surface water erosion, they slow the water down & rehydrate the soil. Excess water is then channelled to dams for future use & fish farming.

create surface water damage prevention plans

water relief

Each property has it's own surface water issues & must be addressed on site, above is one plan to prevent water damage to the house slab. Wet slabs creates damp timber floor plates and that attracts termites!

  Water you do harvest, you should store.

Whenever you have the opportunity to store rain water and surface water run off on your land, make the most of it! The higher in your landscape you can store water the more cost effective it is to distribute.

 Aquaponics is integrated aquaculture that is all about using nutrient rich aquaculture water to feed plants through efficient delivery systems. It must remain organic otherwise you kill the fish! Images below are a commercial test system we set up in 2009. Our preference now, is to use wicking beds in this system for maximum water efficiency and nutrient distribution.


10 day old seedlings in


27 days later!


All we do is add some minerals to what these little guys produce as waste and you can grow all the food you want, all year round! You will however want to use a renewable power source as the electricity required can be quite expensive using mains power.

Community development can be as simple as a few neighbours sharing produce, compost and ideas to become more friendly and resilient as a group. Community development is a large undertaking for individuals without experience or connections to the right people to bring your environmentally friendly village together. For this to work, you need to remain flexible!

Within our alliance of quality service providers, we have the right developers, architects, co-ordinators, urban planners, project managers and builders. We are currently working on some exciting projects on the East Coast of Australia.

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""Thank you so much. We could not believe that an area so lifeless of growth could become so green, beautiful and feed us! Fantastic"

- R & L Clark Glenview Qld -